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Our job is to find the perfect fit for your needs. Call us now and let us help you find the solution to your monthly medication needs.

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Let Discount Med Direct help you get all of your prescription medications delivered safely to your door. We provide discount medications from USFDA approved pharmacies, from around the world. We pride ourselves on providing you access to high quality discount prescription medications from Canada, abroad, as well as, in the United States.

Savings range from 30% to 80% on all of your monthly medication needs, we can provide any medication that you will find at your local pharmacy, only for a whole lot less money. For seniors, Medicare D may not always be your best option, let us help figure out what is best for you. You will not find any high pressure sales pitch here, only a helping hand and friendly ear.


Tell a friend about us and save money.

$15 for you $15 for your friends

By telling your friends about Discount Med Direct you can save $15 or more. For each new friend or family member you refer to us that results in a shipped order over $99 you will receive a $15 dollar credit to your account.

There is no limit to to how much credit you can receive. Be sure your friends and family mention your name to one of our representatives when ordering. We will keep an account of your credit along with the person’s name who placed the ordered and the amount of the order.

USFDA Approved International Medications

Through these International providers we can find great prices for your medication needs. International providers have an established price range that is comparatively 30 to 80% savings on medications.

U.S. Drugs

We work with with a U.S. Pharmacy based in Florida. From this pharmacy we can offer you any drug that you can find at your local pharmacy. The pharmacy is of course fully licensed just like your local pharmacy.

Our difference is that through our contract you have access to your medications at wholesale prices.

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Diane Bartoli      Marilyn Kowak

In 1977 my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. At that time little was known about the disease and after talking to my brother Jack (who is a physician), I made it my full time mission to ...

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Many years were given to major manufacturing in relation to the production of writing instruments, Eberhard Faber, ophthalmic ware, Schott Optical and silicone chips for our famous computer age with ...

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Metformin may someday repair Alzheimers

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Have You Reached The Doughnut Hole?

If you have, take the time and make the right decision. Consult with us NOW to understand all of your available options. You'll also get the best prices possible on the prescriptions you use regularly or even a one-time prescription fill. We are capable of doing everything over the phone. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

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Customer Testimonials

"Thank you for your prompt and personal service and you can expect more business as we need it from our family in the future whether we end up buying your Gleevec this time or not. Again thank you so much, and I'll let you know how it turns out for Bob, one way or another, again thanks for what you do for so many people." - Zeb

"The generic viagra is great. In fact, it works better than the brand!" - John Ramsey

"With me not having any insurance, the only way that I can afford to order my medications is through Discount RX Direct. Plus the staff is great!" - Sjon Moher

"The amount of money that I saved on my prescription drugs was unbelieable. I will continue to order all of my medications through Discount RX Direct." - Diane Jordan

"Due to a great tip from a friend, I started using Discount RX Direct to obtain my prescription drugs. Imagine my surprise when each order was delievered to my door on time, accurate, and best of all almost 50% cheaper than the pharmacy. I would recommend you to anyone in need of prescription drugs." - John Wiersema


 Judy Vobroucek joins Discount Med Direct as its new Manager

Vobroucek joins Discount Med Direct with over 26 years experience in management.  She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from East Stroudsburg University, located in Pennsylvania.